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Road Trip Games for Adults

Road trip games are tons of fun for kids and definitely keep them distracted during long trips. But what about games for adults? Here are some great road trip games for you and your friends or family!

21 Questions

This one’s a classic, but it doesn’t get old! Break it into different categories for even more fun like people you know or favorite TV characters.

Did You Hear That?

This is fun if you and passengers in the car are up-to-date on pop culture or current events. Someone starts by asking “Did you hear that *blank* happened?” The other person then goes “That didn’t happen” or “Tell me more.” If they’re correct, they get two points. If they’re not, you get three points.

The Movie Game

This is almost like six degrees of separation. Someone names an actor, then the next person has to say a movie they were in. The person after that has to say another actor from that movie, and a movie that actor was in, and so on.

The Singing Game

One person starts singing a line from a song, then someone else continues with a different song using a lyric from the other song.


Lincoln Launches New Ad Campaign with Matthew McConaughey

Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey: a combination for the books. Recently, Lincoln has released three new commercials starring Matthew McConaughey, and they’re sure to both inform and entertain.

All of the new ads are focused on the 2017 Lincoln MKZ to give viewers a taste of what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the luxury sedan. The ad campaign is comprised of three thirty-second ad spots, called “Shave,” “Ensemble,” and “Midnight.”

The ads display the Lincoln MKZ in a different kind of way. They have scenes that cut between Matthew McConaughey and the MKZ. Although he’s in all of the ads, he doesn’t actually have any lines. Instead, the scene splicing tells the story.

“Shave” consists of McConaughey getting a shave from a barber. When it ends with a steaming hot towel, McConaughey flashes back to driving the MKZ through fog on a winding road.

“Midnight” shows McConaughey leaping backwards into a pool. When he hits the water, we see the Lincoln MKZ emerging from a dark tunnel into the rainy night.

“Ensemble” starts with a jazz ensemble playing “Midnight Rider,” then glimpses at the performance of the MKZ (which McConaughey is driving) through the grille.

Check them all out here!

Matthew McConaughey

Beautiful Arizona Places to Explore Nature

Here at Sanderson Lincoln, we are lucky to live in a state as beautiful as Arizona! Arizona is home to some of the most gorgeous natural wonders in the entire country. If you live in Arizona or are just passing through, be sure to take some time to visit these beautiful Arizona places to explore nature.

The Grand Canyon

Perhaps the most famous natural landmark in our entire country, the Grand Canyon is one gorgeous gorge! Forged by the Colorado River, this Canyon is a true testament to the mighty power that nature possesses.

Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park is home to an ancient forest full of fossilized wood and other remnants of a world long ago. It is also home to the beautiful Painted Desert, where the sand below your feet is brought to life due to its unique and attractive coloration!

Monument Valley

For centuries, hundreds of artists and storytellers have drawn inspiration form Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Thanks to its intricate rock formations, Monument Valley has become one of the most recognizable locations of the American West.

Beautiful Arizona Places

The 2017 Lincoln Continental to Come Equipped with Lincoln Approach Detection Technology

Many people consider their vehicle to be a second home. Lincoln understands this philosophy, which is why they’ve added a new feature to the Lincoln Continental in order to make it even more welcoming to drivers.

According to a Lincoln press release, the 2017 Lincoln Continental will come equipped with Lincoln Approach Detection Technology. At its core level, the Lincoln Approach Detection system detects when a vehicle’s driver is approaching and activates vehicle lighting accordingly. However, the Lincoln Approach Detection does much more than this! It creates a welcoming surrounding and ambiance for drivers. The Lincoln Approach Detection system has already been equipped to the Lincoln MKC. However, in 2017, the system will come equipped with the new Lincoln Continental.

“The Lincoln Approach Detection does more than just turn on lights,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford Motor Company global consumer trends and futuring manager. “It allows Continental to welcome you as if arriving at a friend’s house for dinner, or checking into a resort. It makes you feel at home where you have everything you need and you are in a serene and familiar space.”

There’s no place like home, and there’s no home on the road more comforting than the cabin of the 2017 Lincoln Continental!

Lincoln Approach Detection

Best Vacation Spots Near Phoenix, Arizona

With Memorial Day coming up, you’ll probably want to take a break, whether it’s for a couple days or for a week or two. Here are some of the best vacation spots near Phoenix to do just that:

Sedona, Arizona

A two-hour drive from Phoenix, Sedona has a bunch of draws, like hiking spots and Jeep tours. It’s also an extremely spiritual place, where tons of people go for a “spiritual awakening.”

Flagstaff, Arizona

Also a two-hour drive, this city is home to Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona. You can also tour the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail and tour amazing breweries if you’re not in the mood for the outdoors.

Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Sonora, Mexico

Only a three-and-half-hour drive from Phoenix, this coastal town has snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing tours, and fishing charters. Just make sure you’re driving a car registered under your name, have Mexican insurance, and a passport.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Another three-and-half-hour drive will get you to one of the most famous U.S. landmarks, and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Not only is this canyon beautiful and breathtaking, but you can go on adventures like whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.

Vacation spots near Phoenix

Lincoln Sponsors Tribeca Film Festival

Forget baseball and football sponsorships; Lincoln is going a little more artistic than competing automakers with its sponsorships. For the third year in a row, Lincoln recently supported the Tribeca Film Festival as a signature sponsor.

By being a sponsor, Lincoln was the official vehicle of the festival, which ran from April 13th – 24th in New York City’s Tribeca district.

“Lincoln’s partnership with the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival has allowed us to bring the brand’s passion for film, music, and innovation to life,” said John Emmert, Lincoln group marketing manager.

Every year, the Tribeca Film Festival features new film works from emerging film artists. Lincoln’s sponsorship of this program helps extend the life and vitality of the film festival.

Not only does Lincoln get to be official car of the film festival, but the brand also plays an active role in the film festival’s activities. For example, the Lincoln Black Label Filmmaker Lounge is a space for filmmakers and industry professionals to connect and network.

The Lincoln Black Label Box Office even provided gourmet popcorn and complimentary tickets to seven guests each day.

So let’s tip a hat to Lincoln and all emerging artists out there! If you missed this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, start planning for next year. We have a feeling Lincoln will be there again.

Tribeca Film Festival

How To Handle A Backseat Driver

It could be your friend. It could be a co-worker. It could even be your spouse. The backseat driver comes in many forms, but they all do one thing so well–stress you out to the max. Here’s how to handle a backseat driver.

# 1 – Pick and choose your battles.

The hardest part of dealing with a backseat driver is to know when an intervention is worth it. If your passenger only pipes up with unsolicited advice every once in awhile, maybe it’s best to let it slide. But if it makes the ride consistently unpleasant and you are driving stressed, maybe a conversation is in order.

# 2 – Ask them to make it a nicer package, with a bow on top

According to the shrinks over at Psychology Today, the problem may not necessarily lie with the what of the message but the how. Tell your backseat driver that when he bursts out unexpectedly with criticism in a condescending, almost insulting tone, you have trouble taking anything he’s saying to heart. Ask him to say it nicely and perhaps even when the trip is over.

# 3 – Give them an ultimatum

If other tactics have failed, you may have to resort to bottom lining with your backseat driver. This communicates to them just how much their behavior is stressing you out. Explain to them that if they continue behaving in this way, you will refuse to drive them anywhere.

how to handle a backseat driver

New Lincoln Navigator Design Set To Redefine Luxury SUV Market

The new Lincoln Navigator design was recently unveiled to audiences at the New York International Auto Show. The attractive and intelligent design managed to look stunningly classy without appearing gaudy or flabby.

The new Lincoln Navigator design also showed some lovely improvements. It is the most spacious model yet, according to the automaker. Lincoln has kept the more efficient and more powerful EcoBoost V6, having replaced the standard V8 powertrain a while ago. Also, Lincoln has kept the lower curb weight, which always helps to improve handling. New exterior styling has a cleaner, more streamlined and quasi-classic vibe.

The Navigator debuted back in 1997. As Forbes magazine reports, the emergence of the model effectively created the luxury SUV market. It will be two decades after that that the brand-new Navigator goes to market, but if the reactions by the automotive press and fans alike are any indication, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will redefine the niche that it created.

new Lincoln navigator design

Confirmed: Matthew McConaughey Drives a Lincoln

Matthew McConaughey might have once been best known as Terry Bradshaw’s son in the 2006 RomCom Failure to Launch, but since the release of his Lincoln commercials a few years back, he’s really only seen as a spokesperson for America’s favorite luxury car brand. But, as with all spokespeople, we have to wonder: does he really love this product he purports? Maybe not for all spokespeople, but we can say, yes, Matthew McConaughey drives a Lincoln.

This has actually been confirmed since a 2014 interview with Larry King, but still non-believers across America refuse to accept that a man could adore his Lincoln the way McConaughey does in his ads. But, just as Larry King states that he has “always been a Lincoln guy,” McConaughey assures the audience he absolutely is “telling the truth.”

“I really went through and heard their history,” McConaughey explains. “And where they want to go and why they want to go there, and we found synchronicity in the messages we wanted to get out there.” Beautifully said, Matthew.

Now, while some of this may have come across a little sarcastic, we didn’t mean it; we just like to have fun when we talk about serious celebrity issues. The truth remains that Matthew McConaughey drives a Lincoln, and that’s got to count for something, right Lincoln drivers?

McConaughey drives a Lincoln

What to do in Phoenix this Month

There’s always plenty to do in Phoenix, Arizona, but sometimes we can forget that this time of year as we battle back the worst of our winter blues and try to get ourselves excited for the sweet summer weather. We’re going to make it easy to keep your spirits up this month with a quick list of some of our favorite things to do in Phoenix right here and now:

  • This weekend, head to the Heard Museum for a little bit of fun and a lot of education at the American Indian Art & Artifacts Appraisal Day. Collectors can bring in personal artifacts and artworks to learn more about them, including their estimated age and value. Even if you’re not a collector yourself, it’s interesting to see all the items and exciting when one of them scores that inevitable big-ticket price.
  • While you’re at it with the history and learning this Saturday, come to Arizona State University’s Archeology Festival for good food, fun learning, and an overall great time.
  • We don’t get a lot of ice here in Phoenix, but one spot still freezing is the Arizona Coyote’s ice rink where you can bring the fam’ for a fun-filled afternoon or evening at the Gila River Arena. Games go until the end of March.

Still not sure what to do in Phoenix this month? Then take your car and explore some other parts of the great state of Arizona—just be sure to bring your car in for scheduled maintenance before hitting the open road!

what to do in Phoenix

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